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Fiber Optic Networks

Vector InfoTech bridges your network of today to the technology advances of the future. Fiber Optic technology is a preferred transmission media in today’s data communication technology. Fiber Optic Networks are the most reliable mode of communication backbone and offers many benefits including high bandwidth, low attenuation, faster speed, electrical isolation, no cross-talk, secure data transmission and it ensures that connections can be made over very long distances with excellent transmission quality. With the vast experience in the Fiber Optic Field we are able to offer various fiber optic transmission solutions such as OTN, SDH, PDH, Multiplexers etc which uses fiber as the main communication backbone. Such solution offer flexibility in the design where the system are able to accept all kind of signals that need to be transmitted from one location to another. Contact us or email us at for a fully integrated, low cost network that meet your requirement.


  • Data communication and security
  • Interconnecting network equipment for communication, data transmission and security operations
  • Long distance communication
  • For network infrastructure which can transmit at a longer distance, minimal interference and higher bandwidth


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