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UHF/VHF Trunk Radio Communication Systems

Trunk Radio System Provide 2-way wireless voice communication solutions which can be used in many applications like public safety, emergency services, transports and enterprise sectors etc. There are various types of systems from the simple point to point to the very complex mega system which can be deployed country wide. The system can be in the form of Analogue, Digital, Trunk System etc and they are available in wide range of operating frequencies ranging from HF, VHF & UHF. Working with strong and certified partners, we offer cost-effective rates for equipments & systems like UHF / VHF Trunk Radios. Contact us today for your radio communications requirements.

Applicable Industries


  • Public emergency
  • Cost effective emergency agency solutions
  • Dynamic regrouping
  • A common talk group allocating customised user group access
  • Simulcast
  • Suitable for large target groups with the simulcast feature
  • Secure channel switching
  • Vandal-free two-way communication that enables switching users without eavesdropping


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