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Radar Systems

Drone Detection Radar Anti-Drone is an UAV detection and neutralization system that detect, identify, track and provides the maximum protection of areas and facilities from unauthorized penetration of drones into protected zones. The main component of the integrated "Anti-Drone" system is the drone detection radar, which assures accurate and reliable detection, identification and tracking of drones, quadcopters, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) crossing the perimeter of unauthorized secure facilities. Together with our partner, we're able to provide complete drone detection radar solutions for border and perimeter security to detect small low aerial targets even in clutter conditions to detect and provide early warning of the operation of drones.

Applicable Industries


  • Event monitoring
  • Decision making with the update of forensic records including time tables and evidence of targets and behaviours
  • Safe operations in explosions or catastrophes
  • Identification of alive humans and damaged parts and anomaly detection with target classification and thermal imaging
  • Drone detection
  • Border and perimeter security force management

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