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Power Conversion Products

A full range of power supplies, inverters, chargers, battery storage devices, guards, isolators and switches offer power conversion and protection. They are intended for connection, isolation or transfer, while their common functionality is device or circuit protection. The other features include battery storage, backup power and fuel efficiency. As they are capable of intaking heavy power, they provide device protection from short circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage. Power supplies can aid in promoting green technology and even industrial automation. They can prevent power failure, fault occurrences and power explosions. They can be involved in smart building, hydromechanical and vehicular operations. Some other applications of power supplies include surge control, DIN rails, inventory management, data aggregation in network automation and intelligent power supply with digital signal controllers.


  • Backup power
  • Uninterrupted power supply from external battery to provide backup power for radio stations, digital displays and communication devices.
  • Lightning & surge protection
  • Protection of grids, solar panels and supervisory systems from lightning attacks and surges
  • Smart building
  • Interconnection of actuators, controllers and sensors enables protection from fire hazards and power explosions and customised control of temperature, lighting and ventilation
  • Device or circuit protection
  • For power conversion (power supply by conversion), isolation (circuit protection by bypass) or transfer operations (switching power)

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