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Multi Cable Transit (MCT) Solutions

These extending cable solutions provide multiple connections through cable penetration. They act as effective seals that are robust to the ingress of atmospheric elements such as dust, fire, moisture, water and fog. They are normally ATEX or IETEx certified to be Ex e products, as they offer unmatched insulation. These intrinsically safe cables (by design offering prevention of damage) can operate for normal power operations, yet be combined with explosion proof power devices. Such cable solutions are intensively utilised in onshore and offshore environments due to their sturdy design to overcome explosions or accidents. For providing perfect engineering design, point of protection and entry protection, they can be adopted in railways, oil & gas, telecommunications, marine, utility and building sectors. The exclusive property of multi-cable transit systems is the scalability of design to meet customised industrial requirements. This is particularly useful for railway, power and pipeline industries. The original equipment manufacturers have the benefit of ready-to-operate solutions with multi-cable transit systems.


  • Rodent barrier
  • Entry protection from rodents with insulation tests
  • Customised sealing
  • Scaled up sealing solutions are aligned with the application requirements for the desired protection level
  • Environmental protection
  • Protection of device or infrastructure through ingress protection against fire, water

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