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Lightning & Surge Protection Solutions

Lightning strikes are an unpredictable natural phenomenon and can have devastating effects on any operation, whether it’s a direct strike or simply being subjected to the secondary effects of nearby strikes. Vector InfoTech provides a wide range of lightning and surge protection solutions ranging from main switchboard and distribution board surge protection, PLC and control system protection, to RF coaxial protection to suit most of industrial applications in Petro Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power Plant, semi-conductor, building & construction, food, pulp and paper industries. The ‘Novaris Systematic Approach’ is a step-by-step solution to lightning and surge protection that can be applied to any application.


  • Capacitor switching
  • Surge arresters provide overvoltage protection for capacitor banks by limiting the effect
  • Power management
  • Surge diverters can be employed for power management
  • Protection of field and power devices
  • Lightning arresters provide lightning protection for field and power devices by diverting surges to ground

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