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Drone Surveillance

A drone is able to collect information covering very large areas and can absorb an enormous amount of data. Drones can contain surveillance systems that are more intrusive and more developed than the systems being used today, for example, surveillance cameras. Advantages of drone surveillance are: · The mobility of cameras and other sensors linked to operative cameras on drones make it possible to cover very wide areas. · Can perform monitoring continuously · Due to their characteristic versatile nature, it is difficult to know ahead of time where the drone will gather data. · Their capacity to see more than the bare eye · They can replace numerous fixed cameras so eventually lead to low running costs

Applicable Industries


  • Event monitoring
  • Decision making with the update of forensic records including time tables and evidence of targets and behaviours
  • Safe operations in explosions or catastrophes
  • Identification of alive humans and damaged parts and anomaly detection with target classification and thermal imaging
  • Drone detection
  • Border and perimeter security force management

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