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Solar Power & Wind Power Solutions

The Solar Power & Wind Power System is designed to provide power to the equipment in remote station and in hazardous area. The major equipment consists of the solar panel, charge controller and battery banks. The solar panel converts the sun energy to electricity. The wind turbine converts the wind energy to electricity. The charge controller regulates and charges the power to batteries. The batteries store the power up to required autonomy days.

Vector InfoTech’s Solar Power system are designed and sized up against the solar insolation, losses and efficiency of the system. Based on the required load for the equipment, the quantities of solar panels required are calculated. Also based on the required load and numbers of autonomy days, the battery sizes are calculated. Current rating and hence the cable size, fuse, isolator, MCB are also sized up. Lightning arrestor can be provided to protect equipment against the lightning.

We can independently certified the system for use in hazardous locations where there is the possible presence of flammable gases, vapours or liquids. This important feature allows the complete certified system to be placed directly adjacent to the pipeline or wellhead.

Vector InfoTech’s fully integrated remote Solar Panel / Wind Turbines Power Solutions can be Class I, Div II / Zone II for Hazardous locations /applications such as:

  • RTU and SCADA Systems
  • Remote Communications
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance
  • WiFi Networking