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Real Time Location System

RTLS-Real Time Location Systems for Automatic Mastering and Personnel / Asset Tracking

The need to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel on hazardous facilities is critical. These include Offshore Production Platforms, Drilling Rigs, FSO & FPSO’s, Oil Refineries and Gas Processing facilities, Pharmaceutical and Chemical plants and Mines. Only recently have new wireless technologies offered an alternative solution to the existing manual ‘T Card’, ‘Signing in Book‘ and ‘Swipe Card‘ methods of accounting for people movement.

The system is extremely flexible and highly scalable, meaning it is possible to start with a small system with less than a hundred tags to one tracking and monitoring tens of thousands. Various location methods are employed depending on the level of accuracy required and whether the application is indoors or outdoors. Location accuracy of three metres in arduous outdoor environments is achievable meaning a worker in an emergency situation can be located in the fastest possible time increasing worker safety dramatically.

In an emergency evacuation procedure the ‘Muster Call’ is fully automatic and progress can be monitored on mobile PDA’s ensuring the fastest possible method of accounting for all personnel.

Vector InfoTech have in-house resources to analyze the requirement, conceptualize the solution, implement the system on site as well as maintain the system.