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Microwave Radio Systems

Microwave Radio Systems

Microwave communication is the transmission of signals via radio waves using a series of radio wavelengths measured in small numbers of centimeters. A Microwave Radio System is a system of equipment used in broadcasting and telecommunications transmissions. The microwave system includes radios located high atop microwave towers, which are used for the transmission of microwave communications using line of sight microwave radio technology.

Microwaves are widely used for point-to-point communications because their small wavelength allows conveniently-sized antennas to direct them in narrow beams, which can be pointed directly at the receiving antenna. This allows nearby microwave equipment to use the same frequencies without interfering with each other, as lower frequency radio waves do.

Line of sight between point-to-point communications is very important to prevent any interference due to tall buildings and blockages, thus specialist experts are usually needed to engage for preliminary site surveys. Other than on-site surveys, Vector InfoTech offers a full range of Microwave Radio System for PDH and SDH networks. We can also provide for the complete spectrum of turnkey Microwave design, installation and project management services as well as a complete range of Microwave products that provide solutions for data, video and audio transmission with frequencies ranging from 3.5GHz, 5.8GHz, 6GHz, 7-8GHz, 13GHz, 15GHz, 18GHz, 23 GHz, 26 GHz and up to 60GHz.