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GPS Master Clock Systems

GPS Master Clock Systems

High Precision Time Base for Process Control

Master Clock System is used for the provision of an accurate time string for other systems in the plant to synchronize their system timing. The source of accurate time for the Master Clock is provided by the Satellite. Generally the system are able to generate different form of time string like NTP, IRIG A, IRIG B, TTL etc so that it can fulfill the need of time synchronizing for all the other system.

Vector InfoTech is the premier supplier of High Precision GPS Master Time Synchronizing systems and solutions. Several state-of-the-art time and frequency systems are available for precision time and frequency synchronization applications. The system product line includes single and dual-redundant models. Product list includes plug-in cards GPS receivers for computers, Standalone GPS receivers, 19” Rack Mountable GPS Modular systems, Network Time Servers, Oscillators, Time and Frequency Systems and Displays.