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Industrial Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet Solutions

Vector InfoTech offers a wide range of Industrial Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet solutions for industrial and corporate customers.

Industrial Ethernet and TCP/IP for the process, traffic management, manufacturing and every part of the control and automation industry – from embedded systems to the Foundations Field – has become the prevailing network technology at the controller level and supervisory level.

Every controller, PLC and DCS vendor has an Ethernet interface and it is now moving to the device and the I/O level.

Industrial Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet
Vector InfoTech carries industrial ethernet and gibabit ethernet products for all areas of applications. Industrial Ethernet works for all transmission media like copper, fiber or wireless. The transmission rates are beginning with 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s as well as 1 Gigabit/s and 10 Gigabit/s.

Industrial Network Security
The effective Industrial firewall system from Hirschmann offers a scalable security function, beginning with a clear firewall and ending with a firewall with VPN (Virtual Private Network).

  • Highly efficient Industrial Security System
  • Distributed security solution
  • Redundancy for high availability
  • Scalable operating concept