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Industrial Data Communications Solutions

Vector InfoTech’s range of Industrial Data Communications solutions includes ruggedized versions often required in industrial environments.

Products which are capable of supporting a variety of data ranges and transmission distances enabling smooth and reliable communication flow between equipments.

Industrial Router
Vector InfoTech offers a range of 3G routers designed to provide remote connectivity across mobile networks. The units are designed for usage in harsh environments. It also supports a wide variety of wireless standards, GSM, GPRS, 3G UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA and thus providing connectivity for as many applications as possible.

Industrial Converters
We supply a range of converters to suit a whole host of industrial protocols and communication methods, including Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, PROFIBUS DP, M-Bus and 20mA current loop. It can also operate in the harshest environments of the industry.

Industrial Serial Converters & Repeaters
Easy and reliable connection of end devices with serial interfaces to Ethernet networks is now possible. Ideal solutions, including factory and process automation, building automation and automation for new energy applications are now provided in Vector InfoTech.

Network Bandwidth Management & WAN Optimization
Vector InfoTech Network Bandwidth Management & WAN Optimization Solutions provides user with the capability to look deep into the “network traffic and helps speed up data transmission, reduce latency and increase the effective bandwidth in a WAN environment. The ever growing network traffic makes the WAN bottleneck in efficient application delivery between HQs and Branches for many enterprises.

  • Improved Network Performance
  • Optimized Bandwidth Utilization
  • Promote Fair Access
  • Priority Access for VIPs
  • Prevent Network Abuse
  • Network Visibility
  • Real-time MOnitoring and Reporting
  • Data Reduction and Accelerate Network Applications
  • Increase WAN capacity from 5x to 50x (e.g. backup operations)
  • Reducing Network Latency, Faster response time