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Fiber Optic Solutions

Vector InfoTech supplies a complete range of fiber optic solutions which includes fiber optic cables, pigtails, patch cords, patch panel (ODF), tools, test equipment and all kinds of fiber converters etc.

Other than products, we also offer professional services like design & implementation, installation, testing and commissioning of fiber optic cables & systems.

These are done by a team of qualified Engineers with vast experience in fiber optic.

Fiber Optic Cables
Fiber Optic Cabling delivers the fastest internet speed in the market, as compared to DSL and Broadband Cable. Our company offers a wide range of fiber optic cables, like patch cable, tight buffered cable, Breakout cable, Uni-Tube cable and Loose Tube Cable.

Fiber Optic Patch Panels
Vector InfoTech offers various of Fiber Patch Panel or Distribution Frame be it rack mount, wall mount, indoor or outdoor version including customized type.

Fast Ethernet / Gigabit Media Converters
The Ethernet converters cover the whole Ethernet range of 10/100/1000 base and they come in different fiber optic types, like singlemode or multimode. It also comes in manageable and non manageable types.

Fiber Optic Tools & Accessories
Vector InfoTech’s complete range of fiber optic tools & accessories includes connectors, termination tools, fiber tools, cable tools and many more.
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