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TKH Security

TKH Security supplies high-tech video surveillance products such as cameras, video over fibre components, network equipment and VMS systems for industrial, military, government and commercial applications. Based on signal conversion, they are categorised into analog, digital, audio, data and a combination of any or all of them. Purposely built for intense monitoring and control, they provide wide coverage without blind spots. Such video security products find applications such as IP, vehicle identification, anomaly detection, traffic control and intrusion control. Techniques implemented in those applications include signal processing, video analytics and Internet protocols. Siquira also provides a wide range of rugged cameras and video components capable of withstanding critical conditions such as high temperature, vibrations and corrosion. They are adapted to the industrial requirements in mining, offshore, oil & gas fields. Based on the requirements, techniques such as IP, power over Ethernet, data mining, computer learning algorithms and clustering are adopted.

Product Categories

Survelliance Systems (CCTV)

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