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Industrial Industrial Security Systems

Industrial Security Systems

Offering a full range of industrial IT & security systems devised for surveillance and protection against intrusion, threats, environmental conditions and dangers, our main aim is to achieve a more comfortable and safe environment that secures premises, people and assets. Our systems detect anomalies in operation and in the process area to enable our customers to adjust the system functionalities and take appropriate actions based on data gathered. Different categories of security systems are designed to serve versatile industrial purposes and perform the intended operations based on the level of severity.


Our range of network security or cyber security systems provide protection to behold beyond anti-virus and firewall. They help to drive out spywares, viruses, worms, Trojans or other attacks. As they are designed to run based on predefined security rules and heuristics and may have false positives, we assist in preventing such attacks or false positives and achieving cyber security using our in-built security mechanisms. Besides security assessment and audit, we offer training design & implementation based on the level of vulnerability. With industrial and proprietary tools and a database of over 20,000 vulnerability checks, our networking consultants could easily diagnose and rectify no less than 90% of known security threats and attacks. Via manual fixing mechanisms, they reduce false positives and sustain the accuracy of security systems.

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