The Leader in Industrial Networks, Industrial IT & Industrial Telecommunications

Career Opportunities

  • VECTOR INFOTECH is an established local organization with aggressive overseas presence in the supply of Industrial Data & Telecommunications Solution. We are one of the Top 2% of Singapore’s Best Performing SME!
  • Managing Director Mr Lau Kok Hui awarded Top 10 Entrepreneur of the Year 2007.
  • Highly specialized Solutions Provider in the niche field of Industrial Telecommunications, Fiber Optic & Industrial Data communication / Network Products, Industrial Telecommunication Systems and Solutions.
  • We supply and design integrated industrial system solutions with effective combinations of hardware, software and engineering services to global MNC users and EPC contractors.
  • Our strong focus is on serving customers from industrial sectors namely in oil and gas, marine & shipbuilding, chemical, telecommunication & transportation, data processing, petrochemical and industrial automation industries.
  • We have strong presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Korea, China.
  • Our current global group headcount is approximately 150, expected to grow 10% yearly.

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