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Service Fiber Terminations & Splicing

Fiber Terminations & Splicing

Vector InfoTech provides a widespan of fiber optic products and services from installation and splicing to commissioning to facilitate smooth and reliable communication in the utility, oil & gas, transportation and telecom industries.


With our key knowledge and years of experience in cable provisioning, we offer turnkey services for a breadth of cables, cords, enclosures, test devices and accessories with the skilled fabrication & staging staff and certified engineers to fulfil customer needs. Our services are accustomed to changing demands, harsh environments, long-haul and back-haul transmission needs and multi-purpose applications. We are committed to delivering nifty lucrative solutions by prior troubleshooting & testing, diligent study of parameters, constant monitoring and our instant service and technical assistance. Our comprehensive set of screening processes includes tests for protection, resistance, losses and impairments and other influencing factors. Fiber optic transmission can be a viable solution with the best selection of mix technology solutions with the effective last mile.

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How We Can Help You?

Customer Challenges

  • Changing demands
  • The growth of the field and marketing changes directly impact the demand. The optical field may find sudden decline or resurrection. Despite being not widespread, the use of fiber optics has started showing uplift growth in the current market. Increase in collectivist markets may cause barriers to newbie marketers and thus the supply.
  • Deregulation
  • Deregulation may thwack the capital cost or working of any industry. Examples of deregulation include change in customer rewards and drop in the travelling cost. With the changing marketing economies, our end users may have to solicit for their returns, upon which the industry needs attention.
  • Non-scalability
  • Not all fiber technologies can enable a smooth path of communication. Multiple taps may render degradation in performance though communication is established. Deciding technology is a constraint dependent on many factors: impairment losses, step/graded index mode, trade-off among transmission distance, range and capacity, and transparency in detection and fixing errors. Examples include single mode for long haul, optical fibers over coaxial for short haul and FSO (free-space optical communication) and MIMO for moderate and short haul.
  • Material specifications and arrangement
  • A high degree of expertise is required for total control including material selection and specifications – length, ductility, sheath, IP rating, loss, protection and resistance parameters, toxicity, electrical conductivity, etc., cable storage, tapping based on hops, prior testing for losses and working – signal losses and material quality, light propagation test and other tests: dispersion and attenuation, BER, interoperability, crosstalk, etc., equipment installation, planning for power outage, connectivity and end chain.
  • Influencing factors
  • Influencing factors include weather losses, misalignment errors, geometrical losses, path losses, link losses, dispersion, group delay, space diversity, thermal and shot noises, skin and proximity effects and so on. The cost of cabling of optical fibers may be less, while that of installing connectors and adapters is high. Natural calamities and other external factors such as Ferranti and corona effects may entirely collapse the working and connection of cables.

Vector InfoTech Solutions

  • Scheduled program
  • Delegating solutions based on supply and demand, we afford immediate solutions to changing demands and capex. We constantly monitor the changing times to frame proper strategies for evolving customer requirements and cost-cut benefits. Our statistical benchmarking approaches will frame a scheduled program in parallel with the urging needs.
  • Competitive measures
  • Taking competitive measures, we overcome impending losses or damages due to deregulation. We captivate our customers by ever updating the packages and remunerating the customers. Our continued track with the market will involve us in acclimatising to change management for our customers to have the competitive benefits.
  • Ensuring reliability
  • Ensuring reliability of operation with any technology offers scalability. The integration of smooth path, technology and cognition of effective working is imperative for a scaled operation. We provide continuous power flow, mix technology for customised requirements with technical assistance and in-house pre-working operations with documentation and huddles for effective implementation of training, knowledge and experience.
  • Continuous operation and connection
  • Our fabrication and splicing team will ensure continuous operation and connection while installing based on the material specifications and arranging the cable parts by tapping. We ensure connectivity, loading and values of internal parameters per the material specifications. We deliberately conduct vandalisation tests for corrosion, temperature, humidity and protection. Our installation team, engineers and specialists can immediately resolve customer queries with the years of experience with the installation and provisioning of cables, enclosures and other accessories. We establish effective connection with the desired capacity by choosing the right technology and scheme for minimising the hops, installation costs and energy consumption.
  • Temporary cessation, rerouting and re-transmission
  • Temporary cessation of operation, rerouting the signals and retransmission are the possible solutions to effectively handle the influencing factors. We model the intermittent components minimising them to a feasible extent, circumventing and disconnecting faulty parts and undermining noises using forward error correction, turbocodes and other techniques. Our suite of lightning and surge protection products will evade the faulty or damaged components enabling us to remodel the components. We may change the dimensions/spacing and add shunt/series components to completely eliminate lightning and surge disasters due to Ferranti, corona and other effects.

Customer Benefits

  • Robust and superior performance
  • Standardisation with competitive features
  • Accessibility, reliability and scalability
  • Desired capacity, effective communication and continuous operation
  • Resiliency, flawless operation and safety & security

Technology/ Others

  • Distributed temperature sensing cable
  • • suitable for harsh environment • long transmission range • easy installation • operated with single-/multi-mode cables • high-temperature withstanding capability (up to 300 °C using special cables)
  • Emergency restoration system
  • • effective earthing/neutralization • easy configurability of system parts to different angles and structures • high withstanding capacity to corrosion, humidity, soil variations and voltage • safe and technician friendly enabling wide footing
  • Surge diverters
  • • entry protection at main switchboards • housed in DIN compliant failsafe metal enclosures • conformance to wiring standards • applications in aviation, mining and railway industries
  • PON (passive optical network) power meters
  • • specially designed for FTTH and FTTP systems • capability to measure three signals that transmit video, voice and data along a single fiber • the ideal tool for FTTH/FTTP service activation and troubleshooting
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