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Turnkey Solutions

Vector InfoTech succeeds in delivering reliable turnkey solutions through a suite of system integration services from hardware, design and engineering up to M & E installation.’

We have a pool of qualified contractors to accomplish the requirements and scope of M & E installation. We have a systematic framework containing sequential workflows from design, installation and commissioning and maintenance to final handover. Our fabrication operators, project consultants and contractors collaborate to bring an integrated operation and proceed up to total industrial solutions. While commissioning, the contractor first suggests solutions to snags drawn by the technicians prior to commencing their activities. We are devoted to adopting safe and best principles to alleviate problems in the project, implement value engineering and propose strategies for conformity.

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How We Can Help You?

Customer Challenges

  • Skills gap
  • More experts and professionals with a high level of knowledge are required for the engineering, telecom and networking areas. The acquaintance level drastically varies among the staff in respect of their positions. Unaligned workforce, quality and time constraints and chaos in the operation are the drawbacks of the skills gap, which can adversely hit on customer intentions.
  • Energy management
  • Our customers may have to suffer the consequences of inadequate energy management. System operation without energy management is subjected to losses and even failures, damages or crashes. Implementing some energy saving mechanisms may reflect on the capital cost. Also, alternative sources and pollution play significant roles in energy management.
  • Cost, performance factors and excellence
  • The multifaceted approach to the control of critical systems incurs more cost. Performance factors are broadly categorised into loss, deviation, noise and intruding factors. These may severely damper the output efficiency, cause lags and cramp the economic growth. Achieving the excellent operation is much more tedious that speculation continues till the end of the project.
  • Deregulation
  • Deregulation may impose price volatility, changes in the pricing structure and more tax excision. This will lead to quality constraints and economic uncertainty. This may result in customer repercussions and claims.
  • Troubleshooting, security and sustainability
  • On account of more factors, dependencies and huge volumes of data, troubleshooting is quite critical. The degree of security varies according to the chosen technology and scheme.
  • Stakeholder demands, marketing changes & innovation and competition
  • The raising stakeholder demands pose inappropriate shares and lack of coherence. With marketing and technological changes, unstable operation, quality constraints and unnecessary delays may happen. Competition may cause variations in supply–demand, quality and process/technology and irrevocable costs.

Vector InfoTech Solutions

  • Training and support
  • We provide on board in-depth training to our technical and general staff, which includes comprehensive set of modules, learning sessions (classroom and online), expert consulting features, in-house demos and guidelines and much more. Through our training and support, the skills gap will be dwindled, domain-specific areas will be simplified, workforce will be aligned and quality and stability will be maintained.
  • Proper technology/scheme
  • Choosing the proper technology or scheme with energy efficiency and cost effectiveness enables smooth working with little or no loss. Hence, we construe the smart approach to efficient operation with the correct scheme so that energy losses are minimal. With prior breakthrough analysis and budgeting, we decide on alternative sources or alternative operations.
  • Performance optimisation
  • Compliance and competitive measures
  • Security & diagnostic tools and life cycle control
  • Our operators perform pre-troubleshooting and initial setup procedures during installation with the prescribed model and checklists to ensure proper working.
  • Contingency analysis and strategy

Customer Benefits

  • Improved performance due to skills gap reduction
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reliable and scalable operation
  • Compliance
  • Safe & secure operation, resilience and endurance
  • Competitive advantage
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