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Service Network Design & Troubleshooting

Network Design & Troubleshooting

The network management hinges on the network design and troubleshooting, the key factors for network security. Without a reliable network management system, the control and security of networks may become cumbersome because of the novel network design characteristics.

We offer the network design by reviewing the customer requirements, studying and understanding the hardware, software and application nature to provide cost effective solutions. Our designs meet the customer’s expectation of availability, reliability, redundancy, scalability, integrity and security. Our Engineers are trained in Legacy systems (Serial, Profibus etc.) to latest technology to fulfil various customers and industry expectation.  We also provide different architecture and topology such as Hierarchical, Ring etc. depending on the requirements and taking onboard geographical consideration resiliency and Security. Conducting Proof of concept enables our team to consider various vendor devices and system involved and make sure this design is deliverable.

Our Engineers manage backups & technical documentation with patch management, log maintenance & authentication testing and conduct audits. With the thorough screening process, framework and technical audits, they effectively remediate for the customer challenges in the network design and troubleshooting.

As a system integrator, we understand the nature of the businesses in the industry we serve, recognise the portion of the process and system requirement and study the communication flow. Upon reviewing of all device communication modules involved in a network and determining the type of communication such as unicast or extra we also understand the limitations and provide the most feasible solution required to fulfil the business needs.

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How We Can Help You?

Customer Challenges

  • Risks
  • Complex topologies, protocols and systems may lead to non-resilience from faults and failures. If the network is a set of conduit fibre cables, the failure of one may affect the overall structure. Networks may be implausible to reinstate from undetermined failures without backups in some cases. Threats and attacks are detrimental to the functionality of a network. In the worst case, the system may be maxed out that the overall working is halted or the expenses involved in reverting back the system may be irrevocable.
  • Variations in the system
  • Non-scalability of networks may arise from augmentation or attenuation of networks without distribution strategies. Managing network bandwidth and traffic is infeasible without traffic analysis before formulating the network design.
  • New network
  • The users may require new hardware requirements and so extra expenditures for establishing a new network connection. Deploying the topology and technology of the new network with the existing resources counter requires improved network capabilities to match with the bandwidth and the existing resources.
  • Queue management
  • Round-trip time may be imperceptible without effectively handling queues and drops. The network may start downscaling its performance due to unnecessary delays and jitters. In the case of packet drops, the particular device or loop is disconnected with the beckoning device.

Vector InfoTech Solutions

  • Troubleshooting mechanism, network upgradation and least distance:
  • We provide a step-by-step troubleshooting mechanism to ensure network connectivity by verifying the connections and network device configurations. Figure out the issues, study the document and drawing, Isolate the portion after the investigation and take a deep drive into the principle of technology used such as protocol, type of traffic and extra. After solve the problem provide the root cause of the problem and come out permanent solution not to happen in future. In this process, checking for errors, insufficient bandwidth (different service providers offer different bandwidths) and nonworking status is vital. We suggest upgrading the network design to overcome slow performance due to insufficient bandwidth or over traffic.
  • Methodology change, maintenance and testing
  • We help discern network resilience by methodology change to bring redundancy (e.g. BGP to have routing reference) and network optimisation and on-site maintenance. We offer complete cybersecurity assessment services through penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, firewalls and scheduled/unscheduled, ad hoc and on-site maintenance.
  • Network scalability, managing bandwidth/traffic and NAT
  • We ratify the users to use appropriate topologies and specific devices to effectively handle congestion with interrupts and offload capabilities for network scalability. Network visibility, key to scalability, is enhanced through effective data distribution, aggregation and monitoring (end-to-end network principles ramp up availability). We suggest the users to increase QoS using the traffic analysis tool (besides modelling the network design) to manage bandwidth and traffic.

Customer Benefits

  • Robust and superior performance
  • Resiliency
  • Network accessibility, reliability and scalability
  • Effective communication
  • Optimisation
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