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After Sales Services

Vector InfoTech offers a range of after-sales services to resolve customer queries and conflicts, ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services, and meet or surpass the customer expectations.

Keeping abreast of technology, our support team promotes solutions to boost and upgrade the system functionalities for achieving the desired operational efficiency per demand. We explore the means of enriching customer satisfaction by implementing a multitude of initiatives. We take the customer feedbacks for refining the processes, improving our services, identifying the customers and adapting to quality. Our local service centre facilitates many after-sales services including repair and spare parts support, with the move to minimise downtime, maintain the operation and increase efficiency.

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How We Can Help You?

Customer Challenges

  • Availability and accessibility
  • Availability including product reachability, installation and its association services like configuration and ready for use activities may sometimes not be complete. Product availability elements, such as non-delivered items, deliverable volume changes and late delivery, lead to customer dissatisfaction. Accessibility is making the product accessible and the related concerns are repair & maintenance and warranty problems, damages and failures, as well as technical/operational knowledge and reachable, efficient and comfortable support.
  • Non-conformance to standards
  • Meeting up to the standards by satisfying the functional requirements – corporate or government specifications and configuration and process requirements – and operational requirements – quality characteristics and notching up the KPI parametric scores studying the thresholds – is quite difficult by streamlining the industrial and service processes.
  • Approach to specific needs and enticing features
  • The approach to address the specific needs of the customer may impact the customer intentions about the products, services or the organisation. Various factors of the approach are usability & reliability, operational attributes and expectations. Enticing features may not be necessarily additional features but outstanding ones.
  • Full process renewal in the service supply chain
  • Our customers may need to face the problems of complete process change while servicing the parts. For instance, the smart design of the device may include the external diagnosis within the circuitry. As a result, in workshops, the stretched operational chain adds criticality and lead time will be longer, impacting on future demands too.
  • Stakeholder demands, changing marketing trends & technology and competition
  • Stakeholder demands result in disproportion of revenue shares, less number of accessories, longer service duration, unstable battery parts and scarce self-service. Our customers may have to face the new technology and portfolio, delays and supply of new spare parts. Maintaining the same standard level is even more challenging. Competition may impact the supply–demand and quality, introducing sunk costs and process/technology changes, as well as price variations.
  • Price variations and feature differentiation
  • Price variations due to competition, material prices and changes, location and economic crisis affect quality, customer intentions and the product features. Feature differentiation is also another important element for competitiveness of the product directly influencing on customer perspectives.

Vector InfoTech Solutions

  • Internal diagnostics with clarifications
  • We are devoted to facilitating the delivery and configuration of the products to our customers. Our after-sales support investigates by reviewing the various possibilities of resolving these issues via an in-house interface. They can contact the technical consultants for technical advice and immediately respond to customers with solutions. They solve repair, replacement, warranty, upgradation and maintenance issues. They will resolve damages and failures if occurred during delivery, since they do not arise for the products tested for non-conformities in commissioning. Our after-sales support will provide general clarification, technical advice and technical resources via reachable and comfortable channels.
  • Streamlined workflow
  • We have a standard framework for our service engineers and sales executives to rationalise the industrial and service processes to maintain the standards. They work out solutions by contacting the concerned departments, deciding them to be first fix or escalation, and provide initiatives based on field reports. We thus improve standardisation in the whole support chain.
  • Service means and enticing features
  • Our array of solutions from the inception to delivery stage is lined up to customer preferences, usage, etc. In the case of deviations, our after-sales service takes action plans to match these attributes. A myriad of solutions reflecting the approach of the service team (clearly studying the customer behaviour) includes sharing pleasantries, attending to customer needs, responding and other actions to exact resolution, as anticipated. We suggest alternatives or feasibility measures for cost effectiveness to our customers. Also, we allure them with our outstanding features, programs like employee referrals, marketing offerings, promos and events, brand name and so on.
  • Information sources, best replenishment practices and structured chain
  • Our after-sales support provides reliable sources and manuals to our customers to proactively solve the process change problem in service. They measure the performance detecting the failure rates and series of replaced parts, abridging the workflow into simple units. They estimate the future demands reviewing the replenishment practices and abide to standards. In addition, they mentor the best practices in the logistics and structuring of the whole service chain, thus reducing the lead time.
  • Advanced strategy through forecasts
  • Our after-sales team will be prior intimated of the changes in the policies and procedures for raising stakeholder demands, technology/marketing changes and competition. The case study analysis and Likert scale evaluation with the strategies of the specialists in the after-sales support will eradicate stakeholder issues. As per the updates drawn by the R & D team, they match KPIs to feasibility scenarios and eliminate the latter two issues.
  • Differentiation strategy
  • Our differentiation strategy is determined not to curb customer inclination with the effect of price variations but to poise the other marketing mix elements for the realisation of the desired turnover. Meanwhile, with the customer utility, brand and other factors, price variation may come into effect with little effect on customer intention. Feature differentiation is for capturing competence. Thus, our after-sales support is attuned to resolution of queries or conflicts in these elements as the customers are informed at earlier stages.

Customer Benefits

  • Speedy response and impeccable & upfront solutions
  • Standardisation
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Quick replenishment
  • Competence
  • Differentiation

Technology/ Others

  • Vector Regional Service Centre
  • • The nearest centre provisioning spare parts and recovery tools at the earliest • Qualified technicians providing the repair and spare parts support • Upgradation and warranty support • Effective inventory management ensuring the availability of spare parts and matching components
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Portal
  • • Customised to handle panoramic customer views • Easily connectable contact channels • Chats, conferences and video calls • Powerful CRM reporting and analysis • Flexible profile management • Intuitive interface to be on cloud
  • Telephone/email support
  • • General clarification • Research and fix operation links • Immediate query responses • Easy exposure to the products and services • Business hours and 24 × 7 services
  • Remote diagnostic services*
  • • More clear-cut remote activities • Speedy recovery using in-house/commercial tools • Greater system availability due to quick system restoration • Equipment access support • Back-up support • 24 × 7 assistance *Subjected to parts and availability and hardware configuration
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